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Talmido in Syriac (ܬܰܠܡܝܼܕܳܐ) means disciple.

Talmido was developed by the American Dioceses of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church to provide resources for the revised Sunday School Curriculum. Our vision for Talmido is to become an important tool not just for teachers but for every disciple to learn more about Orthodoxy and our rich Syriac tradition.

Sunday School teachers from the North-East American Diocese and the South-West American Diocese will use this site to get materials and resources to prepare their teaching lessons.

General Teacher Training

DSWA TTC Program Overview

Developing a Lesson Plan

SS Student Centered Teaching - Oct 2013 FINAL

Student Centered Teaching

Virtual Classroom Teacher Training

Resources for Parents

Lessons By Grade

God Loves Me

The Kingdom Garden

Our Wonderful World

God Cares for Us

Made in His Image

Our Family in Church

Jesus Our Savior

Our Sacramental Life

Reflecting Christ

The Symbol of Faith

Our Identity and Purpose

We are the Body of Christ

Work out our Salvation

Our Life in the World to Come